Kit Progress

27 Jun

In addition to the two completed units I posted on today I have continued to work on my ‘In Box’ of other kits… primarily my Vindicator and Storm Eagle.  Both are fully assembled now, and have their undercoat and armor coats of paint.  The Vindicator has all its black panels filled in now as well and is ready for detail work.  The Storm Eagle has its cockpit detail all done, and the pilot fully painted so that I could finish assembly on the cockpit and seal it all up.  Next stop on it is to also black in the panels I want darkened on it as well, and then it too should be ready for detail work.  I will probably stick very close to the Forge World paint scheme for it; it’s so nice to see the main pictures for the kit done up in Salamander colors instead of Ultramarines on their site that I want to mimic it pretty closely.

I took some extra time off this week, and our son is off visiting Grandma, so I hope to get quite a lot of work done this weekend.  I hope to fully complete the Vindicator, and at least get started on the detail for the Storm Eagle.  While it’s probably usable in a game right now, it’d be great to have it looking good in time for those 6th Ed. flyer rules.  If I get enough time, I hope I can even begin assembly on the Land Speeders and Contemptor Dreadnought I have waiting in my queue as well; they will be the next wave of models for me to work on.

Of course, I did pre-order the new 6th Edition rulebook, with the psychic cards and a Storm Talon Gunship to boot.  If they should arrive early (the order says it has already shipped), my productivity may lapse as I hungrily devour the new rules!  Rumors about the new rules abound, I will be happy to get my hands on the official version!



Thunderfire Cannon w/ Techmarine

27 Jun

Here’s the first completed set of my recently airbrushed kits.  As noted in a previous post, the quality of these models was sub-par.  Paint seems to have helped the techmarine out quite a lot.. which is nice as he’ll probably get used outside the gunner role as a Master of the Forge or standard techmarine on occasion as well.  Not as much with the cannon itself; I left the bulk of the cannon straight silver metal to help draw attention away from how poorly a lot of it is constructed.  Not sure how successful that really is when the whole chassis of it is warped 5 to 10 degrees off true.  Oh well, not every model can be a winner.  I’m glad to know that the cannon as least should never stray too far from my side of the table… it’s better viewed at a distance!  But it may be a nice addition from some fairly cheap long range fire support in the Heavy role for games… when a devastator squad it too pricey to fit the bill.


Assault Squad

27 Jun

This is my 10-man assault squad.  There was a large gap in between the first 5 model I got with my initial Mega Force Space Marine box, and the last 5 which I bought separately a lot later.  I recently completed my rework on them so that their iconography made them blend into a single unit more rather than feeling like two separate 5-man squads huddling close together.  I also based the unit and performed my other ‘mandatory’ upgrades during the rework.  This squad probably took me longer than any other so far with all the freehand flame images the older models needed to bring them up to snuff.  Particularly when you consider all the extra arms I have for this squad in terms of weapons options that I snuck into the photos.

I am really looking forward to seeing this squad in action under the new 6th edition rules – jump infantry sound like they got a nice upgrade.



Not dead yet!

3 Jun

This has been my longest gap in making a post since I’ve started the blog.  I haven’t fallen off the earth, but have been busy with other aspects of the hobby in this time.

My Necron auctions are all completed and final.  I’ve gotten the storm eagle assembled up to ‘spray readiness’.  The top missile launchers and cockpit assembly are not all intact, but that will occur after the primer and armor coats have been applied to the components via spray paint and air brush respectively.

I’ve also done the same for my finecast Space Marine Casualties and Thunderfire Cannon as well.  The casualties didn’t take long, and were up to the standards I expect from a Finecast model (numerous flaws, but nothing that affects assembly or appearance too much… or is at least easily repairable).

The Thunderfire Cannon was different matter.  You may notice the left arm on the techmarine isn’t the standard one for that kit.  The resin one was so defaced I couldn’t save it.  I had numerous green-stuff repairs to make on the techmarine, and 2 of the thunderfire sprues were offet in the mold by nearly 1/8 of an inch.  The list goes on.  I think I was able to make the model presentable for a friendly game, but it’s no beauty queen.  I actually wrote in to complain about this kit, which I’ve never done before.  I’ve largely been neutral on the whole Finecast debate until this point, liking to work with the material better than metal kits, and having had only minor imperfections on my own purchases.  This kit (which cost more than my land raiders) was rubbish, and has pushed me over to the negative side of the fence.

This experience combined with the (reportedly very significant) price increases from GW again this year has me concerned about the future of the hobby in the current global economic environment.  The cost of entry is quite high at this point.  I have a hard time seeing too many people… especially young ones… entering the hobby.  A stagnant/shrinking player base is never a good thing.  As for myself, I shan’t be replacing my Necrons with another army.  For the foreseeable future I’ll be supporting my Salamanders and nothing else.

On the brighter side, I did trek down to my local hobby shop and play a nice 1,500 point game against another space marine player (Ultramarines chapter), leading to a solid victory.  Was a nice way to pass an evening.


Maccragge Tactical Squad

3 Jun

This Tactical squad is my very first painted Warhammer 40k squad.  As the title implies, they came from the ‘Battle for Maccragge’ 4th edition boxed set which was my entry point into the 40k table top game.  Except for 2 test marines from some 3rd edition marine models I bummed from a friend, these are the first space marine models I painted.  As such, their armor is fairly monochrome and a little messy compared to my more recent attempts.  Particularly my attempts at highlighting.  Still, after my recent upgrade pass to base them and add washed to their metallic areas and such, they still blend into my army pretty decently.



Purge the Xenos!

22 May

OK, not a lot of hobby done in the last couple of days, and it’s not all Diablo 3’s fault.  After quite a lot of deliberation, I decided to auction off my fledgling Necron Army and concentrate solely on my Salamanders army for the time being.  I’ve spent a lot of time managing those auctions in my free time and less working on units.

I had a small Necron force under their previous codex, and was really planning to bump it up when their current codex came out late last year.  It came out, and I got the codex and a bunch of new kits… and decided I was really not a fan of the new fluff.  I miss the undead army in thrall to the C’tan premise, and am less of a fan of the Tomb-Kings-in-space dynasties.  I found myself working on Space Marine kits in favor or the pile of shiny new Necrons sitting in their boxes anyhow.

So my Necrons are gone.  I did make out pretty well on the auctions though, and will be reinvesting it into my Salamanders force.  I’ve already placed an order for a Thunderfire Cannon,  Sniper Scouts  , 2 Land Speeders, a Vindicator, as well as the Space Marine Casualty set for counters, and a 40k basing kit (to give me more to work with for the relic contemptor dreadnought base).  I did so well in fact, I am likely to grab a Caestus Assault Ram and Tartaros Terminators from Forge World as well.  This is by far the most 40k kits I’ve purchased at once, and I expect it to keep me occupied through the rest of the year.

So I should have a lot to post about in the future.  As for current work, I did get the upper fuselage of the Storm eagle in place, and the wings assembled (after devising a way to magnetize the wing lascannons so I can switch for hellfire missles or omit them completely).  Should have pictures soon, once they’re attached.  It’s been enjoyable working on the big Forge World kit; has been making it hard to keep slogging through my existing squads for my upgrade efforts.

Here are a few pics of the dearly departed Necrons since a post with no pictures is a crime:

Storm Eagle Progress

19 May

Working on the Storm Eagle has definitely slowed down my progress in upgrading my existing models.  So there will likely be fewer new shots of my existing models as I proceed.  But tonight I was able to complete the most important steps of that the model… joining the left and right fuselage sections to the floor, then adding the upper-rear backbone to the top.  Now the model has its overall shape, and is pretty solid to work with from here on out.

The upper decking plastic piece shown in the last couple of pictures isn’t cleaned up or glued on yet.  I just wanted to dry fit it to make sure it would fit in – it did!  So I didn’t totally wreck the most expensive 40k model I’ve purchased yet. Yay for me!  Now that the basic structure is pretty stable, the rest of the assembly should go faster.



Sniper Scouts

19 May

This is my unit of sniper scouts, originally purchased in a Space Marines Mega Force box.  This was the second full infantry squad I painted, shown here with recently upgraded bases and washes on the metal areas.  I think this squad looks pretty decent considering how early it was painted; the browns in the faces and leather areas are a bit monochrome, but all things considered I’ve been pretty happy with them.  One scout is magnetized at the waist to switch from a Sniper Rifle to a Heavy Bolter depending upon my needs. He’s shown in both configurations in the picture.

I have plans to increase this squad to 10 members in the fairly near future.  I don’t use scouts quite as much in 5th edition under the current Codex: Space Marines, but they are still a great low-cost unit to fill in with if points are tight.



The (Storm) Eagle has Landed!

14 May

My recent Forge World order arrived in the post today, containing my next major Salamanders projects!

The Storm Eagle kit was so nice, I had to buy one; even though it is easily the most expensive single kit I’ve purchased.  My realm of battle and imperial sector boxes may have been more expensive overall, but they are more than a single unit too.  The Storm Eagle even knocked the Caestus Assault Ram off my “I want this!” list for the time being.  I also got another set of Salamanders Rhine doors while I had an order in… I plan to mimic the awesome Salamanders paint job on the Forge World site pretty closely, so I wanted to get the side doors as well.  The front panel is a better casting then the one I had to jam on the front of one of my Rhinos… wish I had had it then!

I got a Relic Contemptor dreadnought with an assortment of weapons in this order as well.  I plan to do a bunch of assembly and then have a massive airbrush party to green everything up.  I got quite a few weapons with it was well, which I plan to magnetize to be able to switch out as I see fit.  I got a Fist DCCW, Multi-Melta, Cyclone Missle Pod, and 2 Assault Cannons.  Ample firepower for all occasions!

Close Combat Terminators

14 May

This is my most recent and most used Terminator Squad.  Since the latest Codex: Space Marines included Vulkan He’stan, this Squad often occupies my Land Raider Redeemer along with Vulkan and forms the vanguard of my army.

Mot much in the way of shading or highlighting on my armor yet when this squad was painted.  But I feel it is some of the neatest detail work I’ve done.  I was so happy with the worn bronze look on the Sergeant’s shield that it’s paint scheme has become my standard on everything since.  I went back and washed the metal portions of these models when I based them with the new textured citadel paint, helping to tone down the shine a bit and consolidate my army look a bit more.