Assault on Black Reach Tactical Squad

14 May

This is my Tac. Squad from the Assault on Black Reach box set that I purchased when 5th edition of the Warhammer 40k rules came out.  It’s the more neatly painted of my Tac. squads, and tends to be one one I use if I don’t need to press all my squads into action.  I hadn’t quite gotten to my preferred armor coat shading and highlighting scheme when I painted this squad.  You can note a rather nice but time consuming effort at highlights on the sergeant.  This was the first infantry squad I used the Citadel washes on.  I liked the effect so much, particularly on metal areas that I used them consistently thereafter.  I have since gone back and retrofitted older squads with was as well.

More often than not this squad is deployed with a Multi-melta replacing the missile launcher as the heavy weapon.  A meltagun is sometimes substituted for the flamer as well, if I know the army I’m up against is heavy on armor.



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