The (Storm) Eagle has Landed!

14 May

My recent Forge World order arrived in the post today, containing my next major Salamanders projects!

The Storm Eagle kit was so nice, I had to buy one; even though it is easily the most expensive single kit I’ve purchased.  My realm of battle and imperial sector boxes may have been more expensive overall, but they are more than a single unit too.  The Storm Eagle even knocked the Caestus Assault Ram off my “I want this!” list for the time being.  I also got another set of Salamanders Rhine doors while I had an order in… I plan to mimic the awesome Salamanders paint job on the Forge World site pretty closely, so I wanted to get the side doors as well.  The front panel is a better casting then the one I had to jam on the front of one of my Rhinos… wish I had had it then!

I got a Relic Contemptor dreadnought with an assortment of weapons in this order as well.  I plan to do a bunch of assembly and then have a massive airbrush party to green everything up.  I got quite a few weapons with it was well, which I plan to magnetize to be able to switch out as I see fit.  I got a Fist DCCW, Multi-Melta, Cyclone Missle Pod, and 2 Assault Cannons.  Ample firepower for all occasions!

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