Sniper Scouts

19 May

This is my unit of sniper scouts, originally purchased in a Space Marines Mega Force box.  This was the second full infantry squad I painted, shown here with recently upgraded bases and washes on the metal areas.  I think this squad looks pretty decent considering how early it was painted; the browns in the faces and leather areas are a bit monochrome, but all things considered I’ve been pretty happy with them.  One scout is magnetized at the waist to switch from a Sniper Rifle to a Heavy Bolter depending upon my needs. He’s shown in both configurations in the picture.

I have plans to increase this squad to 10 members in the fairly near future.  I don’t use scouts quite as much in 5th edition under the current Codex: Space Marines, but they are still a great low-cost unit to fill in with if points are tight.



One Response to “Sniper Scouts”

  1. GavinSchofield at 11:40 PM #

    I like the magnetised Heavy Bolter idea, I might steal it. Nice work on the painting too.

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