Purge the Xenos!

22 May

OK, not a lot of hobby done in the last couple of days, and it’s not all Diablo 3’s fault.  After quite a lot of deliberation, I decided to auction off my fledgling Necron Army and concentrate solely on my Salamanders army for the time being.  I’ve spent a lot of time managing those auctions in my free time and less working on units.

I had a small Necron force under their previous codex, and was really planning to bump it up when their current codex came out late last year.  It came out, and I got the codex and a bunch of new kits… and decided I was really not a fan of the new fluff.  I miss the undead army in thrall to the C’tan premise, and am less of a fan of the Tomb-Kings-in-space dynasties.  I found myself working on Space Marine kits in favor or the pile of shiny new Necrons sitting in their boxes anyhow.

So my Necrons are gone.  I did make out pretty well on the auctions though, and will be reinvesting it into my Salamanders force.  I’ve already placed an order for a Thunderfire Cannon,  Sniper Scouts  , 2 Land Speeders, a Vindicator, as well as the Space Marine Casualty set for counters, and a 40k basing kit (to give me more to work with for the relic contemptor dreadnought base).  I did so well in fact, I am likely to grab a Caestus Assault Ram and Tartaros Terminators from Forge World as well.  This is by far the most 40k kits I’ve purchased at once, and I expect it to keep me occupied through the rest of the year.

So I should have a lot to post about in the future.  As for current work, I did get the upper fuselage of the Storm eagle in place, and the wings assembled (after devising a way to magnetize the wing lascannons so I can switch for hellfire missles or omit them completely).  Should have pictures soon, once they’re attached.  It’s been enjoyable working on the big Forge World kit; has been making it hard to keep slogging through my existing squads for my upgrade efforts.

Here are a few pics of the dearly departed Necrons since a post with no pictures is a crime:

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