Not dead yet!

3 Jun

This has been my longest gap in making a post since I’ve started the blog.  I haven’t fallen off the earth, but have been busy with other aspects of the hobby in this time.

My Necron auctions are all completed and final.  I’ve gotten the storm eagle assembled up to ‘spray readiness’.  The top missile launchers and cockpit assembly are not all intact, but that will occur after the primer and armor coats have been applied to the components via spray paint and air brush respectively.

I’ve also done the same for my finecast Space Marine Casualties and Thunderfire Cannon as well.  The casualties didn’t take long, and were up to the standards I expect from a Finecast model (numerous flaws, but nothing that affects assembly or appearance too much… or is at least easily repairable).

The Thunderfire Cannon was different matter.  You may notice the left arm on the techmarine isn’t the standard one for that kit.  The resin one was so defaced I couldn’t save it.  I had numerous green-stuff repairs to make on the techmarine, and 2 of the thunderfire sprues were offet in the mold by nearly 1/8 of an inch.  The list goes on.  I think I was able to make the model presentable for a friendly game, but it’s no beauty queen.  I actually wrote in to complain about this kit, which I’ve never done before.  I’ve largely been neutral on the whole Finecast debate until this point, liking to work with the material better than metal kits, and having had only minor imperfections on my own purchases.  This kit (which cost more than my land raiders) was rubbish, and has pushed me over to the negative side of the fence.

This experience combined with the (reportedly very significant) price increases from GW again this year has me concerned about the future of the hobby in the current global economic environment.  The cost of entry is quite high at this point.  I have a hard time seeing too many people… especially young ones… entering the hobby.  A stagnant/shrinking player base is never a good thing.  As for myself, I shan’t be replacing my Necrons with another army.  For the foreseeable future I’ll be supporting my Salamanders and nothing else.

On the brighter side, I did trek down to my local hobby shop and play a nice 1,500 point game against another space marine player (Ultramarines chapter), leading to a solid victory.  Was a nice way to pass an evening.


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