Assault Squad

27 Jun

This is my 10-man assault squad.  There was a large gap in between the first 5 model I got with my initial Mega Force Space Marine box, and the last 5 which I bought separately a lot later.  I recently completed my rework on them so that their iconography made them blend into a single unit more rather than feeling like two separate 5-man squads huddling close together.  I also based the unit and performed my other ‘mandatory’ upgrades during the rework.  This squad probably took me longer than any other so far with all the freehand flame images the older models needed to bring them up to snuff.  Particularly when you consider all the extra arms I have for this squad in terms of weapons options that I snuck into the photos.

I am really looking forward to seeing this squad in action under the new 6th edition rules – jump infantry sound like they got a nice upgrade.



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