Kit Progress

27 Jun

In addition to the two completed units I posted on today I have continued to work on my ‘In Box’ of other kits… primarily my Vindicator and Storm Eagle.  Both are fully assembled now, and have their undercoat and armor coats of paint.  The Vindicator has all its black panels filled in now as well and is ready for detail work.  The Storm Eagle has its cockpit detail all done, and the pilot fully painted so that I could finish assembly on the cockpit and seal it all up.  Next stop on it is to also black in the panels I want darkened on it as well, and then it too should be ready for detail work.  I will probably stick very close to the Forge World paint scheme for it; it’s so nice to see the main pictures for the kit done up in Salamander colors instead of Ultramarines on their site that I want to mimic it pretty closely.

I took some extra time off this week, and our son is off visiting Grandma, so I hope to get quite a lot of work done this weekend.  I hope to fully complete the Vindicator, and at least get started on the detail for the Storm Eagle.  While it’s probably usable in a game right now, it’d be great to have it looking good in time for those 6th Ed. flyer rules.  If I get enough time, I hope I can even begin assembly on the Land Speeders and Contemptor Dreadnought I have waiting in my queue as well; they will be the next wave of models for me to work on.

Of course, I did pre-order the new 6th Edition rulebook, with the psychic cards and a Storm Talon Gunship to boot.  If they should arrive early (the order says it has already shipped), my productivity may lapse as I hungrily devour the new rules!  Rumors about the new rules abound, I will be happy to get my hands on the official version!



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