Thunderfire Cannon w/ Techmarine

27 Jun

Here’s the first completed set of my recently airbrushed kits.  As noted in a previous post, the quality of these models was sub-par.  Paint seems to have helped the techmarine out quite a lot.. which is nice as he’ll probably get used outside the gunner role as a Master of the Forge or standard techmarine on occasion as well.  Not as much with the cannon itself; I left the bulk of the cannon straight silver metal to help draw attention away from how poorly a lot of it is constructed.  Not sure how successful that really is when the whole chassis of it is warped 5 to 10 degrees off true.  Oh well, not every model can be a winner.  I’m glad to know that the cannon as least should never stray too far from my side of the table… it’s better viewed at a distance!  But it may be a nice addition from some fairly cheap long range fire support in the Heavy role for games… when a devastator squad it too pricey to fit the bill.


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